Boat Capacity

Wanua travels with 9 big boats that have capacity for 15 to 45 people – all depending on the size of the boat. All our boats have a simple shower (fresh water), although a dip in the ocean is preferred by most guests.

Unfortunately we can’t always know beforehand which boat we will sail. This all depends on which boat is where and the number of guests. Sometimes we sail with two or more boats at the same time.

All our boats are installed for your safety in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Wanua Adventure Boat Spesifications

Length : 25m-30m
Widths : 4m-4.5m
Sail : The only to help the engine
Engine : Mitsubishi 4 Silinder 120Ps & Gihandong 300
Min : 15 passengers
Max : 35 Passengers
English speaking guide and 5-6 Crow Abaca on the boat